The Best Cities for Investing in Multifamily Development Projects | CrowdStreet

The Best Cities for Investing in Multifamily Development Projects | CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is a leading online real estate investing platform. To date, we’ve launched more than 470 deals, including both individual assets and funds. Some of the world’s largest sponsors, including Greystar and Harbor Group International, have used CrowdStreet to raise capital. Since 2014, our investor community has committed more than $1.65 billion in investments and earned nearly $200 million in distributions.


In early 2020, we officially crossed the $1 billion milestone for total online investments by individual investors. Crossing this threshold for equity invested is not only a significant milestone for CrowdStreet, but for the commercial real estate industry overall. As real estate sponsors continue to move their fundraising operations and investment management activities online, and as more investors expect more online investing options, supply and demand are feeding off of each other. As sponsors allocate more investment opportunities to CrowdStreet, and more investors select to participate in the deals, even more sponsors see the value in bringing their deals to the Marketplace. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s resulted in CrowdStreet having one of the largest and most diverse online marketplaces for developers and operators to raise capital, and for individual investors to diversify their investment portfolios.


Through our Marketplace, investors have access to dozens of deals across every asset class and risk profile, allowing them to choose the right investment opportunity for them and their portfolio.


To support our investor community and demonstrate our commitment to transparency, in 2020 CrowdStreet formally published our Investment Thesis and deal review process. Each deal, and the sponsor behind them, undergo a comprehensive review process for inclusion on the Marketplace and we share much of the information we gather with investors so they can make more informed investing decisions. We have some of the highest deal flow volume of any online platform, and it’s important that investors understand we do so while maintaining our commitment to only presenting them with institutional-quality deals. We kicked off 2021 with our first-ever “Best Places to Invest” report, which breaks down our top markets (both nationally and by asset class) so inventors can see not only what deals we’re looking at, but where we’re looking.


Our Asset Performance team is continually evaluating our hundreds of closed projects to get better insights into the level of exposure and risk across our portfolio. They are also working with each of the sponsors to get individual asset-level information to better understand how they may perform in the coming months. We are constantly evaluating market drivers like rent rates, vacancy rates, and net absorption, as well as asset-specific drivers including rent-payments delinquency rates, ability to make loan payments, loan maturity dates, and more to determine how specific assets are performing and the health of the overall portfolio.