Best Guerilla Marketing Campaigns Offer Low Cost Brand Recognition

The best guerilla marketing campaigns are the ones that attract attention and therefore are easy to tell others. Companies attract this attention by daring to make a move different, often provocative, that’s outside the normal marketing channels. With today’s technology, it has to also be easy to share across social networking hoping of going viral by following some social networking tips. Here are some considerations to make sure you possess the best guerilla advertising campaign.

Think Away from Box

The expression, “thinking outside the box” has become somewhat cliche in modern business and video marketing. Yet, it’s important in advertising. To be able to possess the best guerilla marketing, you have to get rid of traditional ideas such as print magazine ads or TV commercials. The very best guerilla marketing campaigns are an event for the consumer. Brainstorm together with your team and invite members not usually involved in the tactic to participate. You might be surprised to see the best guerilla marketing ideas originate from unexpected employees.

Bigger Isn’t necessarily Better

A bigger plan for marketing doesn’t necessarily guarantee better success. In fact, the very best guerilla marketing campaigns happen to be known to cost significantly less than traditional marketing. The key is to use funds inside an imaginative way. Instead of hiring a company to produce an ad, you may desire to hire a group of students to “flash mob” a celebration that brings focus on your organization. Do not think that more income can make the very best guerilla marketing.

…But may, It Is

Bigger is much better only if it references to the size the particular ad. Among the best guerrilla marketing campaigns of all time was one by the flea and tick repellent manufacturing company, Frontline. The ad is only a bigger than life image of a dog scratching themselves on the ground of the public place. From high over the advertisement, the folks walking within the image look like little fleas. The guerrilla ad reads “Have them off your pet.” Incredibly simple and effective. Sometimes, bigger is better when it comes to certain areas of guerrilla advertisements.

Push Buttons

In order to create a memorable experience, you have to be prepared to push some buttons. The best guerilla marketing campaigns happen to be provocative so individuals will discuss them. Using unusual art that shocks the consumer is one way to do this. Assault the senses to surprise the client, but be careful not to take it too much. Avoid negative stereotypes, name calling and anything that could be misinterpreted by a group of people whether or not they are your target audience or not. Some guerilla marketing campaigns have backfired and received the incorrect type of attention.

Give Customers Something To Touch

Traditional marketing relies on seeing or hearing a sales hype. Even though some best guerilla marketing campaigns happen to be colorful, unique artistic advertisements, giving your customer something that to have interaction is an excellent method to be remembered. Customer research proves this. If you’re able to get the actual service or product physically in front of them within an interesting way, do it. An alternative may be to create something which will photograph well and can easily be shared on social media websites.

Do Something Nice

A great way to generate curiosity about your company is to behave nice for any group or perhaps another business. This may be a charitable donation (for example beer companies pausing production to give canned water to undeserved communities) or taking a moment to call out an especially positive attribute of another business. Not only will customers pay attention to your company helping others, there is a pretty good possibility this sort of goodwill will come your way later on. The best guerilla marketing is one thing unusual and surprising, but it can still be something pleasant.

To have the best guerilla marketing campaign, you’ve got to be creative. Avoid conventional methods of advertising and generate unique ideas. Attempt to provoke an answer in people but take care not to get carried away. Give customers something to interact with that they are able to tell friends online. The very best guerilla marketing is something that throws out the rule book and surprises your customers. Apply certain of those small business advertising suggestions to bring guerilla advertising for your company.