VR Content Marketing Strategies Immerse Consumers In Your Brand

The growth of content marketing continues to grow throughout 2019, following a 2019 predictions that 1 / 2 of all companies planned to increase their budgets. Expansion in content marketing has got the possible ways to both be natural or complex, however the demand for innovation has forecasted a need for continued growth through 2019. The growing rate of change means that internet marketing is definitely an ever-evolving landscape, that has led us back to why and how the demands are shifting.

The expansion of content marketing into 2019 is one which will feature innovation that has been previously unseen. With Facebook set to challenge YouTube and Google, social networking sites will soon be offering new publishing mediums. Google are introducing an answer to Facebook’s own ‘Instant Articles’, so we can get to see social publishing spread content marketing into a new number of digital mediums. With all these new changes set to be introduced in the new year, revisiting from the content marketing take-aways of 2019 that we’ll be set to build on for the following year, is an essential way to stay ahead. Listed here are our top content marketing take-ways.

Search Engine Optimization

The acknowledgement of the need for SEO (search engine optimization) has become the foundation which internet marketing has been built upon. It’s thought to be one of the most instrumental parts of any marketing strategy, with the factor of methods easily people will find you online effecting businesses on an ever-increasing scale. As Bulldog SEO Manchester say, ‘Put simply SEO is really a process where using certain techniques you’ll be able to move your site above other sites around the natural, non-paid for listings over the major Search Engines.’

Virtual Reality

Virtual the truth is the latest marketing trend promising to revolutionize content marketing. It possesses a new channel for incorporating immersive content into all your future marketing campaigns. This, obviously, reveals all new opportunities for business owners and marketing professionals. It allows you to definitely immerse customers inside your content, to be able to apply certain of the greatest experiential marketing strategies. Stand above the content marketing trends curve by capitalizing on virtual reality marketing strategies right away.

Social Media

The ability to connect directly with consumers and promote brand awareness through social networking is a which should ‘t be undervalued. From LinkedIn for corporate clients to Instagram for cult brand followings, the methods by which social networking can function alongside content marketing are unfounded. Also, social recruiting efforts are increasing in popularity to attract employees too.

Customer Experience

The demand for improved customer experience is adding a new dynamic that is only set to develop within content marketing. Customer experience was predicted to be the top innovation for 2019, with the directive only set to grow later on.

Video Marketing

It’s not a secret that online marketing videos are predicted to become the future of content marketing. The amount of businesses using content marketing is ever expanding, with marketers adding to the 300 minutes of video that is uploaded to YouTube every hour. Having the ability to offer you audience video content is something which is getting thought to be required for content marketing. Video has the ability to quickly inform a crowd, fostering engagement and decreased drop off rates, which makes it a crucial part of content marketing.


If you’re already doing video marketing, then you are half way to hosting your personal webinars. Webinars really are a strong content marketing tactic that is increasing in popularity fast. By utilizing existing content and data, you are able to offer constructive webinars for your audience that can help them solve problems, improve processes and become established because the leading company in the industry. In addition, you should use free webinar software to get started easily. Certainly, enterprise webinars are underutilized and will not be for very long.


The latest CMO spend guide has reported that companies allocate a higher number of funding for new software. The ever-expanding tool looking for content marketers is rolling out and creating a insightful new ways to optimize for both individuals and teams. Here is kissmetrics’ listing of 50 tools to leap start your content marketing.