7 Most Famous Characters Delivered to Life By Business Marketing Campaigns

In business, you will find all types of characters. You will find investment bankers, know-it-all executives, celebrity entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and even, characters played on television Shows on television. Today, however, we’re not talking about any of these characters. We’re not even talking about the smoothness which you posses personally, why is you what you are. Today, we wish to recall some of the most loved characters that have been delivered to life by companies, businesses and types at large.

Savvy marketers, would you see where we’re going with this? Top performing marketing departments have been churning out winning characters for decades. From Ronald McDonald to the Geico’s green friend, America has fallen deeply in love with many business characters. Oftentimes, it was hard much less.

Here are the most desired characters running a business that transcend generational marketing strategies:

The Michelin Man

The Michelin Man is the cartoon spokesperson for the Michelin tire brand. The famous business personality popped on the scene long ago in 1894, when the original Michelin brothers launch the smoothness. It happened at the 1804 Lyon Exhibition. The Michelin Man personality was attracted to look like a guy made from tires. Now almost 125 years later, he is still utilized in Michelin commercials to drum up business for that brand. And, he still takes care of so effectively. Clearly, the Michelin Man mascot is one of the best known brand mascots ever.

Buzz Bee

This “little” be continues to be on television for many years himself. Besides the age he’s “lived,” adults and kids both relate to him for the Cheerios logo and the family ideals they promote.


These red and yellow M&M’s have been in existence a long time. Maybe it must do with the truth that they are sweet, delicious chocolates or occasional pranksters, but America loves them in either case.

Pillsbury Doughboy

Who doesn’t love a cute baby who giggles? Whoo-hoo! If you value babies, you probably love this guy too. Maybe, since you were a baby yourself.

Mr. Clean

For those people who want a good clean, this cleaning mascot has all the answers. It appears as though he is a genie of some sorts. But, people love him along with their clean homes.

Mickey Mouse

As the premier character for that Disney brand, this mouse should be on everyone’s most loved list. He represents all the happiness, excitement and fun of Disney and children everywhere. And, he was conceptualized and created entirely by Disney world himself. There was no digital agency to assist create the best brand mascot based off consumer behavior analytics data. Somehow, which makes the staying power of the Mouse much more impressive.

Tony The Tiger

This Kellog’s Frosted Flake representative made the cereal a family group staple because of the best marketing firm behind him. In fact, Kellog’s is responsible for several of the most popular marketing personalities including Toucan Sam and Buzz the Honey Nut Cheerio bee. If you wish to share similar marketing success, follow Kellog’s wise behavior and produce some animation to your product to entice children and fogeys alike.

Clearly, some of our most desired characters have won many hearts at young ages. Then, they’ve were able to keep that same sense of love, reminding us as we age of that same feeling. For aspiring marketers and brand specialists, this is because good because it gets, truly loved brand characters that stand the exam of multiple generations. Keep these great inspirational figures in mind when working on your own website strategies.