Roswell Man receives $43,000 credit after bank error (Video)

Imagine depositing a check at the local bank for $430 but getting credit for $43,000. Everybody that is what happened to a Roswell man.

What can you do in case your bank put thousands of dollars into your account by mistake? Tempting right?

Instead of notifying the financial institution, police say the man quietly spent all of the cash.

When the bank discovered the error, they told the man he must repay all of the money.

That was in November. The bank has reached to the man multiple times. Everybody a bank official has talked to him by telephone, but the man has yet to pay back the cash. The bank takes law suit.

The da will decide whether or not to prosecute the situation for criminal charges or have the financial institution sue the man in civil court to get the money-back.

“I believe he should pay it back, you realize it’s the only right thing to do because it costs the financial institution money, it costs me money, it is you money,” said Smith.